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Our SIP Trunking services

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ISDN services can be expensive and inflexible; however until recently ISDN has been the only viable method of providing business grade telephone lines to a PBX.

Infinitel’s SIP Trunk service creates an IP connection between your PBX and our network, allowing voice calls to be made and received over a data connection, significantly reducing your charges.

SIP-enable your existing PBX

If you have a traditional non-IP PBX and would like to extend the life of your hardware, we can implement a gateway solution to enable SIP Trunking without any changes to your existing hardware.

Using SIP trunks with your IP PBX

If you already have a SIP-enabled IP PBX with ISDN or PSTN lines, Infinitel’s SIP Trunk service can be used to replace or complement the existing connectivity, allowing you to terminate your voice calls over the public telephone network at a considerably reduced cost.

Using SIP Trunks in this way can provide a cost effective telephone service to your offices or individual users in remote locations, such as homeworkers.


The benefits of SIP Trunking:

Want to save money?

If you’re still using a traditional phone service, you might have noticed your company being subjected to varying and confusing charges for your local and long distance calls. Instead of facing frequent confusion when your voice communication statement comes in, switch to Infinitel’s SIP trunks. Our pricing is simple and understandable with no small print hidden away for you to miss. SIP trunking is going to make your life a lot easier if you’re experiencing:

  • Expensive monthly phone bills
  • Excessive charges for long distance calls
  • Restrictive communication options
  • Frustrating charges for incoming calls

With SIP trunks you can dramatically cut down on all of your call costs. IP connections are a lot cheaper than traditional ISDN lines when it comes to call charges and rental costs. Our SIP trunks will save you thousands with little to no upfront costs. You can save on charges for everything from UK landline calls to mobile phone calls. All our pricing is clearly structured and transparent with no hidden costs, and you can start saving big on international calls without any complicated discount structure or need to commit long term. Our SIP trunks even allow you to save money on internal calling – any calls between company offices that have our SIP trunks installed are completely free. When it comes to investing into a new technology for your business, a lot of the time you’re having to look off into the future to see your ROI. SIP trunks are different, however. Because it’s already a well-established technology with barely any upfront costs, along with the fact that you start saving the moment your first monthly bill comes in, SIP trunking sees immediate ROI. Our SIP trunking allows your company to only pay for the number of lines you use instead of getting bogged down by paying for excess or partially-used lines. Your savings start because you’re purchasing the exact number of channels that you need, no more and no less. This lets your company be more efficient about its communication costs.

Stay flexible

Traditional physical phone lines are very restrictive. A lot of companies have had the experience of analogue phone lines tying them down. It’s difficult to change the hardware and reinstall new gear, so most of the time it doesn’t seem worth it – even if your current communications aren’t ideal. If your company grows and you need to expand, upgrading can be expensive, lengthy, and stressful. Fortunately, SIP trunking comes with great flexibility. Need to change your call capacity in a hurry? We can do it the very same day. It’s fast scalability without an increased number of fixed lines or having to wait patiently for installation. Because SIP trunking operates on a virtual connection, adding or changing line service is fast and easy. One phone call is all it takes. Compared to having to wait for additional line installation and then upgrading your PBX to cope with more channels, there’s no competition. SIP trunking far exceeds traditional phone lines in terms of scalability and flexibility. You have more options, quicker. For any company expecting a period of growth, SIP trunking is a must-have.

A global and mobile solution

One of the most appealing benefits of SIP trunking to many companies is its ability to keep up with your business wherever it might go. SIP is great for businesses that are planning on moving premises but want to keep their existing phone numbers and communication structure. Our SIP trunking allows you to manipulate outbound numbers – if you’re making a call and you need it to appear as though the call is coming from another location, you can do this. Your users can also make it so that their mobile phones make calls as particular number of your choosing, regardless of their location. SIP supports you if you’re growing across different locations. Because your voice and video communications data is under a single network, your business’s varied locations and employees can be brought together. Our SIP trunks also offer geo-configurations, which means that you can give your business a local presence in any particular location by accessing phone numbers specific for that geographic location. SIP trunks allow your business to connect your employee’s mobile phones using VoIP apps. What this does is allow your employees to stay connected to your on-site communications while on the move. They stay within easy contact of you and your business throughout the day thanks to the one dedicated business phone line.

How do our SIP trunks work?

It’s good to know what SIP trunks will do for your company, but you probably want to know more about how it works. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking is how your phone system achieves VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol). SIP is the communications protocol for voice and video in a Unified Communications (UC) business solution, working on a data network. Basically, SIP is the technology that can create, change, and end sessions with one or more parties on a single IP network. That means it manages your calls, whether just two-way telephone conversations of a multi-user voice or video conference. It’s a lot like a traditional analogue phone line with one huge, and very important difference: it eliminates the need for a physical connection to a phone company. You don’t need any hardware or wiring for your SIP trunk to keep a connection with the PSTN. A SIP trunk is installed on your business’s current internet connection, making it the modern virtual counterpart to a traditional physical phone line. This means the SIP trunk can connect multiple channels to your PBX, which lets you make anything from local to international calls using your internet connection. Reducing things into a single entry point is what allows you to massively reduce the charges for multiple incoming lines, with no restrictions on the number of concurrent calls.

Why do you need SIP Trunking?

  • Reduce line costs – Save thousands of pounds in line rental with little or no upfront capital expenditure.
  • Reduce call costs – Save on national and international voice traffic without complicated discount structure or long term commitment.
  • Internal calling – Free calls between your company offices equipped with our SIP Trunk services.
  • Safety first – Provide resiliency as part of your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.
  • Fast scalability – Same day call capacity expansion without increasing the number of fixed lines or waiting for installations.
  • Geo-configurations – Give your business a local presence in any location by adding new geographic numbers for any location.

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