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Business Mobile Phones

Save time and money by using Infinitel for your businesses mobile phones.

Business Phone Systems

Choose from Infinitel’s range of on-premise and cloud business phone systems.

Business Internet Solutions

Business internet solutions from business grade ADSL to dedicated leased lines.

Colocation Hosting Services

Providing best in class Colocation solutions from three data centres.


Industry Experts

Our team are industry experts with many years of experience.


We are independent from all networks and manufacturers so we can find the best deal for your business without bias.

Biggest Deals

We are able to find and negotiate the best deals for your company with the biggest and best networks – Vodafone, EE, O2.

Account Manager

You will have an account manager who understands your business & your systems.

24/7 Support

We are here to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

UK Support

Our support team are based right here in the UK. No lengthy hold times, and speak to the experts who installed your system.

We pride ourselves on the excellent and dedicated service we provide our customers. With our extensive support system in place, we are able to share our knowledge and expertise about all of our services, including business mobile phone services, business phone and internet packages and our colocation services. To find out more about who we are and what we do, contact us today or take a look at our latest news and information.

Our Services

Business Mobile Phones

Time is money, and you can save both by using Infinitel for your business mobile phones. We’ve built strong and longstanding relationships with the UK’s biggest and most trusted mobile network providers in O2, EE and Vodafone. This is why we can find you the right contract plan from the widest choice of mobile phone networks and tariffs. We’re also independent from these networks, which is why you don’t have to worry about us giving you biased advice. You can trust us to always put your interests first. We guarantee to always find you a business mobile phone deal on a great network that is perfect for you and your business. 

Take a look at our latest offers for all of our great deals on business mobile phones. We have deals from the best major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and Nokia. We also provide iPhone leasing, which is a great way of saving money and getting a plan that is bespoke and fits you perfectly. Smartphone leasing puts you in complete control of your mobile spend and allows you to pick a perfect agreement that can wrap all of your monthly needs into one convenient fee. 

Business Phone Systems

When it comes to your business phone system, you want freedom and flexibility so that you can more easily communicate with your colleagues and your customers. Our voice services provide you and your business with more choice, letting you find the solution that is right for you. Our wide range of business voice products includes SIP trunking, cloud based telephony with CloudFusion, unified communications with Cloud 3CX, and direct routing for Microsoft Teams. The needs of a two-person office and a call centre are very different, but whatever your needs are, we’ll work with you to find the best solution and phone system. 

By creating an IP connection between your PBX and our network, our SIP Trunks allow your business voice calls to be routed through the internet via our network, giving businesses of all sizes an indispensable way of communicating that saves them money. Reliable, scalable and flexible, by converting to our SIP Trunks now you’ll protect your future investments when the ISDN network is turned off in a few years. 

If you use Microsoft Teams, or you’re looking for a new phone system, our Direct Routing might be the perfect next step for you. Direct Routing allows you to connect Infinitel’s SIP Trunks to Microsoft Teams, letting you make and receive calls without needing Microsoft’s Calling Plan license. With Direct Routing you can more easily connect your voice infrastructure to Microsoft’s world leading platform while saving on costs. 

Business Internet 

We know how important having a fast, secure and reliable internet service is for your business. From offices of two people to multi-site companies with thousands of employees, you need your connection to be reliable, high speed, and keep you ahead of your competitors. We’ll work with you to find the best solution from our wide range of business internet connectivity packages, from Business ADSL broadband to dedicated leased line connections. Our solutions cover a huge range of different budgets and capacity requirements, so whatever it is you need, we’ll provide it. 

We’ll help you find a secure, cost-effective and fast internet connection without confusing you with technical jargon. When you’re with us you can relax, because you’ll benefit from outstanding 24/7 UK-based technical support as standard. Our team are all industry professionals on hand to help you with your questions and problems. We also proactively monitor our network, and our network engineers will know about any problems before you do, so we can fix things faster.

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Why Choose Infinitel?

When it comes to your company’s telecommunications, you want to know you’re in safe hands. So for assurance you’re working with true professionals, our team has over a decade of experience delivering expert telecoms solutions to businesses throughout the UK. We have the knowledge and expertise to recommend and deliver the right solution – and we only work with businesses, so we understand exactly what level of service you need and expect. 

You need to know you’re getting the best solutions for your business. That’s why Infinitel works with only the best service providers and manufacturers such as Vodafone, EE, O2, Yealink, Fuse 2, Ribbon, Fanvil, Poly and more. Working closely with world-class technology partners ensures we are providing our customers with reliable, high quality services which work perfectly for your business.

Our team are all experts in the industry with years of experience under their belt. They know their stuff and are perfectly-placed to guide you through the process, advise you through your problems, and find a solution that’s right for you, every time. Although we’re all industry experts, we know that not all of our clients are. That’s why we always talk to our customers in layman’s terms and plain English, or according to your own level of understanding. Our aim is to help you through things as clearly and easily as possible, not to bog you down in technical jargon and leave you out of the loop. 

Our support team are all based here in the UK. That means that you don’t have to worry about lengthy hold times or not being able to get hold of us. We know that it’s important for our clients to be able to speak to the experts who installed their systems, so we make sure that you can. We’re incredibly proud of our around-the-clock customer service. We’re here to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Our services make sure your business is always up and running with no stress. On top of this, we proactively monitor every aspect of our network and all customer’s equipment is monitored 24/7. This means that we’re likely to know about your problems before you do anyway, and we can make changes to your system remotely, avoiding any disruption to your business.

Get In Touch

Our team is on hand and ready to help you and your business. If you need help finding a solution for your business mobile phones, business internet or phone systems and want to benefit from the best customer service and expert advice in the industry, contact us today on 0333 996 0029 to begin your journey to a faster, easier and more efficient business.

Richard Gregson
RG Fitness

Infinitel are a great company with excellent customer service! They work hard to get you the best possible deal and are very helpful every step of the way. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Mark Shevlin
Huthwaite Plumbing

Excellent service with step by step updates. Faultless.

Mark Sidebottom

After having problems with a previous IP phone service provider we decided to move to Infinitel after a recommendation.  Andrew kept me informed all the way through the switch over process which was smooth and simple.  Since then Andrew has always been available to speak to and quickly rectified any teething problems we had.  I would highly recommend Infinitel for internet phone services.

Jenny Wren
Operations Manager
Purple WiFi

We approached Infinitel with a really specific brief.  What we were looking for as a company was a particularly niche solution that really needed to work.  Andrew and his team turned this solution around with 24 hours and turned something that I had been trying to implement for over 12 months, in to a really easy and simple solution.  From start to finish, the process was easy and streamlined and has given us exactly what we are looking for as a company rather than what a company “thinks” we need.  They come highly recommended from us

Daniel Shone
Apex Computing Services
Managing Director

Apex Computing Services has worked with Infinitel on many projects including replacing our own telephone solution in our office. We needed very specific features including reporting and monitoring of calls. We also required a whisper function that would allow us to be able to assist and prompt engineers when completing IT support calls to customers. The support we received from Infinitel was excellent and we now have a system that is fit for purpose. The system was delivered on-time, within budget and with little disruption to the business. Thank you!

Yvonne Hope
Chief Executive Officer

Of all the suppliers to deal with, telecoms and mobile phone suppliers in my experience are the worst. When I met Andrew Platt is was clear he is someone who cares about what he does and has very high standards of customer service. The transition of Barnabus mobile phones from EE to Vodafone went very smoothly and even setting up our new phones was painless. Andrew has made our new contract easy to understand and competitively priced, so that we can show value for money to our supporters. Thank you Andrew, we never knew that mobile phone companies could be like Infinitel!

David Maude
Managing Director

Andrew and the team consistently astound me with the speed they act whatever our demanding enquiry is!.

Ross Green
SEO Agency Manchester - Embryo Digital
Managing Director

A brilliant phone system for our growing team. Support is superb and there when you need them most. I cannot recommend Infinitel highly enough. Thanks for all your hard work.


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