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The value of CloudFusion

the value of cloud fusion

If you’re still using a traditional phone system or PBX then you know how expensive they are to maintain. Worse, if you need to update or replace them you’re going to need to invest large capital just to maintain the same level of service. The CloudFusion solution removes capital expenditures and long-term operating costs. You won’t need to pay the same large amount for hardware, maintenance and installation.

Your business doesn’t need to have dedicated systems engineers and support staff. CloudFusion keeps your phone system up and running and saves you manpower. The pay-as-you-go pricing model lets you pay for what you use and what you need. If you need more services down the line then CloudFusion will let you add more. You can feel safe knowing that your CloudFusion service will grow alongside your business.

It can also integrate with your existing phone system. This helps to protect your investments while layering new services and features on top. Some of the great reasons to use CloudFusion include:

Flexibility Flexibility

Time is your business’s most important resource. CloudFusion has been designed to make your users more productive working in any environment. In the office, at home, staying in a hotel room or at a coffee shop or airport, CloudFusion keep users connected. CloudFusion ensures the members of your business are more responsive to co-workers and customers.

Expandability Expandability

With old-fashioned and traditional on-premises solutions you’re asked to look into the future – to predict, plan and pay for your own future growth before you even need. CloudFusion never asks you to pay for more than what you need. Users can be added, changed or moved at any time. If you need to open a new office, CloudFusion won’t surprise you with hidden hardware costs.

Bring your team together - anytime, anywhere

Bring your team together with cloudfusion

We use more connected devices now than ever before. Everyone is carrying a phone, laptop or tablet with quick and easy internet access. That doesn’t necessarily make it easier to organise your team. A clear, efficient and collaborative team is the beating heart of any business, but distractions are everywhere. CloudFusion cuts through the clutter with simple tools that anyone can use, improving collaboration and communication.

CloudFusion clients provide transparent access to your office phone number on PCs, Macs and mobile devices. Of the CloudFusion tools, Presence shows who’s available at any one time, and the MeetMe Conferencing Service can host an impromptu collaborative session at a moment’s notice. CloudFusion provides a unified directory and integrated access to conferencing. This means you won’t be spending more time waiting for the conference to start than you do actually taking part.

Conference calls made simple

CloudFusion MeetMe Conferencing

The CloudFusion MeetMe Conferencing is a fresh and innovative solution to conferencing. Each user has a dedicated access code ready for use, without scheduling steps or rotating access numbers. MeetMe is closely woven into all the CloudFusion clients, which means that moderators can always see who’s joining and leaving the call. Notifications are enabled or disabled, meaning you have control over distracting announcements.

The CloudFusion iOS and Android apps are fully integrated with the CloudFusion MeetMe Conferencing Service. When you host a call you’ll see the names and caller-ID of every participant that joins are leaves. You won’t have to worry about people dropping by to listen in without you realising. You won’t need to waste time performing a roll call. You won’t only find out that someone’s left the call after calling their name a half dozen times.

Presence information

CloudFusion Presence information

We’re all busy people. No one wants to waste time trying to call people when they’re not available. We’ve all been through the frustration of trying to get in touch with someone who’s not free, only to receive the return call when we’re not free ourselves. CloudFusion clients and apps will help reduce delays and increase productivity in your organisation. By providing real-time presence information of users, communication gains clarity and efficiency. By seeing if someone is ‘Online’, ‘Offline’, ‘Out of the Office’, or ‘On the Phone’, users can choose a more effective approach to contacting them.

This feature is enhanced by CloudFusion’s one-click video conferencing. People sometimes need more than written words to communicate themselves properly. Your unified communications needs to support video and CloudFusion lets your users communicate visually. The CloudFusion UC and CloudFusion Nteract apps let users easily switch between instant messaging, video conferencing and voice calls as they need to.

Instant messaging

infinitel instant messaging

In a business sometimes people need to communicate quickly and privately. If someone needs to ask a colleague a time-sensitive question but doesn’t want it getting lost in the void of email and voicemail, instant messaging is the solution. With instant messaging you benefit from a clear back channel of communication and a private platform to share information.

CloudFusion’s clients for desktop, smartphones and tablets provide a high quality instant messaging communication service. This enhances the directory services and presence information by giving users a comprehensive set of tools with which to communicate with colleagues in the most effective way possible.

Nteract virtual receptionist

Nteract virtual receptionist

Our CloudFusion unified communication comes with the Nteract automated attendant. The Nteract is a sophisticated but simple virtual receptionist. It can assist in greeting and routing incoming calls and is ideal for businesses of all sizes. It’s perfect for high-volume call environments and after-hours or overflow call routing. The Nteract virtual receptionist is your business’s professional and efficient first point of contact with customers.

With the Nteract virtual receptionist you can make sure that every call to your business is answered or routed and finds the proper destination. The intuitive web portal means that it’s easy for you to understand the menu structures and routing options. Multiple schedule options allow you to simplify call management throughout your work week, at any time of day. The Nteract automated attendant copes easily with large volumes of traffic and provides businesses multiple levels of call handling.

“A brilliant phone system for our growing team. Support is superb and there when you need them most. I cannot recommend Infinitel highly enough. ” Ross Green - Embryo Digital

All the benefits you could want:

Cut your costs Cut your costs

With an IP telephony system your phone bill will be slashed, and so will the cost of buying, expanding and maintaining your VoIP phone system.

Works right out of the box Works right out of the box

There is no IT requirement when installing phones. Simply plug in IP phones to your network; CloudFusion automatically configures the phone.

Take the office with you Take the office with you

Feature-rich apps for both iOS and Android connects smartphones to CloudFusion, providing an in-the-office experience from virtually anywhere.

One phone number simplicity One phone number simplicity

Call from your desk, tablet or phone easily with this unified solution.

Collaboration Collaboration

Hold your online meetings easily using video and audio to talk easily, privately and securely.

Call management Call management

Direct where calls go and route calls easily over multiple locations.

Administer Administer

Our portal lets you view logs, manage devices and check billing easily.

Install in the cloud Install in the cloud

By choosing a hosted solution, you will enjoy feature-rich, reliable communications, all for one low monthly cost.

Management & scalability Management & scalability

The scalability provided by cloud infrastructure makes the phone system easy to expand as your business grows.

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