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What is 3CX?

3CX is a complete omnichannel, cloud-based business phone system that allows your employees to work productively from anywhere with an internet connection. A true remote working experience with advanced call centre features, video conferencing and more.

With remote apps for iOS and Android, business communication is no longer tied to the office building. Take your extension with you anywhere and work on-the-go. Reply to business SMS, Facebook and website messages, make and receive calls, chat with co-workers, start a video call on the fly and ensure your customers are satisfied even if you’re working remotely. With 3CX your remote teams retain productivity and stay connected at all times to colleagues and customers.

In addition, you can integrate website live chat, Facebook and text messages all in one system. All these features are remote-friendly; your team can use them from anywhere via mobile and browser apps.

what is 3cx

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    Why should you use a 3CX business phone system?

    • Save your business money with 3CX

    You might be paying too much for your business phone system. Making the switch from a traditional PBX to an IP PBX delivers significant savings on call costs, letting you call more for less. We base our pricing on the number of simultaneous calls you need. We don’t charge by extensions needed like some of our competitors. You only pay for what you need with 3CX.

    Some users find themselves with a great Unified Communications solution, but they still need to pay for add-ons like video conferencing, mobile apps and features for call centres. 3CX includes these features as standard, saving you money and time. Slash your phone bill and save costs on extra features with a 3CX phone system.

    • 3CX is tried, tested and trusted

    Everyone talks a good game on the internet. Finding someone you trust is a lot harder. 3CX has been tried and tested by thousands of business across the world. They wouldn’t use 3CX if it didn’t deliver on its promises. With 250,000 installations and 10,000 partners across the globe, the numbers speak for themselves. So that gives you one less thing to worry about.

    When you choose 3CX as your business phone system solution you’ll be using a service that has been thoroughly tested. You’ll be joining leading 3CX customers like Wilson Sporting Goods, Mitsubishi, American Express, MIT and Subaru of America. All 3CX phone system customers enjoy customer support from 12 offices across the globe.

    • 3CX is fully managed

    Infinitel provides cloud hosted 3CX business phone systems as a fully managed service with SIP Trunks and hosting from our network.

    Our SIP Trunks are officially supported by 3CX and we are one of the only providers who can deliver a cloud hosted 3CX business phone system and SIP Trunks from the same network. Our SIP trunks have completed comprehensive interoperability testing with 3CX to ensure complete functionality.

    We also offer 24/7 support from our team of experienced 3CX Certified engineers, so you couldn’t be in safer hands.

    • Officially supported phones

    Not only does 3CX support a wide-range of IP phones but we have forged a strong partnership with the market leader — Yealink. This relationship ensures ease of deployment, a quality user experience and support you can count on.

    Yealink and 3CX have worked together closely to create a solution that allows users to control their IP phone from their desktop, providing massive productivity gains. This partnership also guarantees full interop between 3CX and Yealink products, giving customers peace of mind. All new products are fully tested and validated by 3CX before their release; guaranteeing there are no compatibility issues when using Yealink IP phones with 3CX phone system.

    • It’s easy to manage

    You don’t want to wait for ages to get your new business phone system installed. And you don’t want a system that takes time out of your day to manage. 3CX makes running your own PBX easy because the management interface is intuitive and easy to get to grips with. Using 3CX makes it easy to manage your upgrades, security and scalability.

    It’s simple: 3CX saves you time, money and hassle. Zero admin and easy deployment with easy to manage extensions and add-ons – what’s not to love? We can also manage bundled OS and manage updates and upgrades automatically. We’re here to make your life easier.

    • Stay on the move

    It’s important to stay mobile in the modern business world. Things move pretty fast and you want to be able to keep up the pace. 3CX comes with a range of extra features already integrated. Video conferencing is included and mobility apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows keep you connected while on the move.

    Our modern web client is engaging and intuitive – it’s there to help raise productivity in a significant way. With 3CX you get corporate chat, voicemail, conference scheduling, recording and much more as standard. Browser based communications client and video conferencing keep you and your team connected. The best part? We include all this at no extra charge.

    • Improve your customer service

    Everybody has missed an important call at one point or another. The market is more competitive than ever and one call can make a great deal of difference to your business. 3CX comes with advanced call centre features so that you can keep on top of customer service and incoming business.

    Everybody wants better customer satisfaction. 3CX allows calls to link to your customer records before the user even takes the call. We’re integrated with leading CRM apps and Helpdesk packages with advanced call reporting and online customer service chat. We can set up call queues and IVR to make your customer relations run smoother.

    • All of your tools under one roof

    Businesses today have so many tools at their disposal. With apps and communication channels left, right and centre, however, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. 3CX offers a solution that brings all of your apps and tools together. Connect 3CX with CRMs like Salesforce, Google Contacts and Office 365. Save your business time with the 3CX ClicktoCall extension for Chrome and Firefox – this lets users dial a number from any website or CRM with a simple click of the number on the screen.

    Softphones for Windows and Macs, and apps for iOS and Android work together under 3CX. With its web-based client bringing all these strands together, you can enjoy unrivalled mobile connectivity. Your users can make and receive calls, see the availability of colleagues, schedule conferences on the go and take part in meetings – and they can do it on the go using 3CX.

    The importance of communication

    Communication in the workplace has always been an incredibly important factor of our day-to-day work experience, but in the 21st century where things are becoming more and more digital, it is becoming more evident that we must ensure that we’re always putting effort into the ways that we communicate within our business, but also to external stakeholders too. Whilst emails and phone calls are effective ways to stay connected, they can be time-consuming and inefficient in many cases, which is where platforms such as 3CX become incredibly important for the modern workforce. Whether you’re choosing to utilise chat functions, instant calls, or even the built-in video conferencing functions, 3CX is a platform that’s built to offer users the ideal way to communicate and collaborate at the click of a button.

    communication in the workplace with 3cx

    Each business is different and this means that the way that you choose to handle your business communications will be incredibly different to any other business – whilst this can be tough to manage with certain platforms or services, 3CX makes finding the right way to communicate incredibly easy. For organisations that are still committed to more traditional forms of communication, on-premise phone lines are available to use with the platform, allowing you to pick up the phone to dial out, receive calls, or hear voicemails that have been left after a missed call. Of course, going digital will open you up to a much more comprehensive range of features to use, as well as unlimited extensions and video calls, which add an entirely new dimension to the way that you’re able to connect with those who

    matter most. With the added image of a video call added to the background of a call, it can give an entirely new dimension to a conversation – you’ll be able to pick up on inaudible cues such as body language and facial expresssion, which can give you a better read of how the conversation is going and how engaged the person on the other end of the phone really is. This added connection is sure to help improve your communications significantly. To help you get your 3CX system up and running as efficiently as possible, we’ll be on hand to help with installation and setup – this will speed up the digital adoption process and ensure that everyone feels more comfortable with the new platform as soon as possible.

    If you’re interested in learning more about our 3CX packages here at Infinitel, get in touch with our expert team online or by phone today! After a brief chat with our team, we’ll assess your needs and help you find the ideal package for your business, helping you improve your business communication in the most efficient way possible. Alternatively, you can email our team at, where we’ll respond to your queries as soon as possible.

    “Apex Computing Services has worked with Infinitel on many projects including replacing our own telephone solution in our office. We needed very specific features including reporting and monitoring of calls. We also required a whisper function that would allow us to be able to assist and prompt engineers when completing IT support calls to customers. The support we received from Infinitel was excellent and we now have a system that is fit for purpose. The system was delivered on-time, within budget and with little disruption to the business. Thank you!” Daniel Shone - Managing Director at Apex Computing Services

    Working remotely, from anywhere

    As the modern workplace continues to evolve and adapt to different circumstances, we’re seeing more businesses starting to adopt the hybrid working model, which sees the workforce given more flexibility in how they work to help improve the work/life balance that each employee has. For the majority of businesses, this has meant a major rethink has been put in motion, with many businesses having people working remotely from their homes or other locations, whilst others are working from a more rigid office location. Even in cases where the office is being used, many have now adopted a hot desk system, where users rotate positions within the office to minimise contact and ensure that everyone is able to find a place to sit, even when their usual spot isn’t available.

    working remotely with 3cx

    As the workplace continues to modernise, we expect things to start moving even further towards the remote working model. This will likely mean that many businesses will be looking to downscale their office space in favour of the cheaper and more flexible working-from-home system. One of the biggest challenges for businesses looking to transition into remote working is communication – specifically how to maintain a high standard of communication across the board without being able to speak to people in person and how to monitor the level of communication activity that your employees are putting out. Ideally, you’d want to make communication more streamlined by moving to a cloud-based platform, with fewer distractions in the way to stop your workforce from operating at its full capacity. However, it’s important that you strike a balance between efficiency and social interaction; social interactions with co-workers is a vital part of the work experience and without it, you risk creating scenarios where your staff may not be confident talking to others for assistance, which will be detrimental to business.

    3CX provides a chat function that enables your staff to talk with each other in a fast and informal way, which allows them to socialise and chat about important work activity seamlessly. You’ll be able to add unlimited users to your 3CX platform if you’re operating on the correct corresponding package, so each member of your workforce will be able to access the service with ease. iOS & Android apps are available for mobile devices, which allows you to take your communication channels around the world, giving you access to unlimited communication from anywhere, at any time.

    You’ll be able to find more details on the features that 3CX can offer to your business by contacting our team and
    discussing the platform further today!

    Video conferencing is one of our most powerful assets

    There’s nothing that’s ever quite as effective as a face-to-face call – there’s far more to read than just the audible conversation and being able to intuitively react to inaudible cues is a very useful tool to have when partaking in important conversations with your colleagues, clients, or other stakeholders. With the introduction of remote working on a much wider scale, this has become a much harder scenario to facilitate, with many businesses focusing more on instant messaging platforms and emails, rather than face-to face conversations. Whilst audio chats are an incredibly useful tool utilise for short calls and check-ins, they aren’t always ideal for the more pressing conversations and the more creative sessions such as brainstorming and conferences. When you’re looking to make the most of conversations, video calls are always your biggest asset and will give you the biggest chance to maximise the value of every meeting that you have, creating a more engaging chat environment that encourages others to have greater input than they might on an IM service or phone call.

    video conferencing with 3cx

    Video conferences have also come into a league of their own over the past few years, transforming from a backup tool used only as a 2nd choice alternative to in-person conferences to something that is now more practical, easier to organise, and far more efficient than any in-person meeting could ever be. With a video conference, many of the obstacles that are commonly faced by a conference at a set venue are avoided – it’s easier to tailor the session to work within everyone’s calendar and there will be no commuting necessary. As the conference can be attended from the comfort of the visitor’s home, you can also expect to see a much higher attendance rate too, which will maximise the effectiveness of the meeting or conference that you’re hosting.

    3CX’s conferencing technology is designed to make the entire process as accessible as possible for all users. From dialling in with ease to high-quality audio at an incredibly reasonable price per user, it’s never been easier for your business to make use of a more sophisticated communications platform.

    Next-Gen Office Phone System

    With 3CX, you’ll be getting a full-featured phone system, including call queues, live chat, business text messages, and so much more in a single system. By integrating a 3CX system into your operations, you’ll essentially be getting an all-in-one collaboration platform that can be used in any situation – this will be a significant improvement to any traditional system and will allow you to revolutionise the way that your business approaches communication and collaboration.

    Unlike with other platforms, 3CX creates a fully integrated and sophisticated suite for your workforce to make use of,
    including all of the following features:

    Microsoft 365 Integration Microsoft 365 Integration

    If your company uses Microsoft 365, then you can easily integrate 3CX and Microsoft 365. Users will be able to work seamlessly across both apps, allowing them to manage contacts and streamline processes to improve efficiency and deliver an excellent experience to customers. This simple integration can be completed in minutes and will relieve your administrators of a great deal of stress, allowing them to focus on the duties that matter most.

    With automatic extension creation and Single Sign On (SSO) authentication, your Microsoft 365 users can login with a single click. No more looking for forgotten passwords! With the 3CX Windows Desktop App and Click2Call capability, you can even make calls directly from the Microsoft 365 interface. Employees can work from anywhere using the Microsoft 365 interface and apps, ensuring that they never miss a crucial call or message!

    Business Text Messaging Business Text Messaging

    The rise of text messaging for businesses can’t be ignored; it’s become one of the major channels for businesses to communicate with their customers, so it’s important to ensure that your business is able to communicate with customers in this way. With 3CX, users can send and receive text messages with a business phone number. Incoming text messages can be assigned to queues, ensuring that each message is responded to, even if an agent is out of office or on holiday – increasing response rates and customer satisfaction.

    Answer incoming messages, send out appointment reminders, and use SMS marketing to generate sales and maximise customer engagement.

    Collaboration Collaboration

    In recent years, one of the biggest changes in the way businesses operate has been the shift to remote working. Employees now have the tools they need to be productive wherever they need to work. In the office, in a home office, a hotel room, an airport or a coffee shop. Video conferencing software has provided the flexibility to conduct meetings virtually, you no longer need to commute to the office to attend meetings with colleagues and clients.

    3CX includes integrated video calling as standard. This means you don’t need to use different apps for phone calls and video calls. If you’re in a call, you can switch to video with a single click. You can join meetings directly from your browser without installing any plugins. Schedule a meeting in seconds and invite participants through your calendar or easily invite attendees using
    your own unique URL. Advanced features allow your users to share their screen, share documents, present on a whiteboard, chat and much more. With 3CX video conferencing software there is no extra cost, no time restrictions, and no user limits!

    collaboration with 3cx

    LIVE Chat LIVE Chat

    Customers prefer to chat in real-time, by installing live chat on your website you will improve customer experience and increase sales. 3CX’s live chat function is the ideal solution, allowing your users to chat with customers in real time. If a query becomes more complex the chat can be converted to a phone call or video call with a single click.

    With 3CX Facebook integration, connecting with your customers is easy; messages are delivered straight to the web client and mobile apps, so agents can respond to customer queries from the same platform. 3CX keeps all your communication on a single plat-

    CRM Integration CRM Integration

    Integrate 3CX with your CRM or helpdesk software. When a phone call comes in you’ll be able to check the customer record to discover when they last called, who they spoke with, and what the call was about, creating a seamless experience that delights your customers. Customers will be happier, as will your agents, as they will be in the best possible position to capitalise on enquiries, resolve issues, and offer your customers the information that they need. You can also call directly from your CRM system. To make a call, simply click on a number, and the call will be logged. When you receive calls from new numbers, you can immediately create new customer records, which ensures each contact is stored in the right way every time.

    companies infinitel works with

    Working with Infinitel

    If you are looking for a 3CX Solution for your business, choose a company that specialises in 3CX, and whose network infrastructure is dedicated to delivering the highest quality service.

    Infinitel is proud to be a 3CX Gold Partner. We have successfully deployed 3CX solutions to hundreds of businesses, from start-ups to some of the world’s biggest businesses. All our engineers have achieved 3CX advanced certification and our SIP trunks are also 3CX certified; following strict interoperability testing with 3CX to ensure we offer a seamless experience to customers.

    3cx certified partner

    Our solutions are supported 24/7 by an in-house technical team of dedicated, experienced engineers and backed by a 99.99% Service Level Agreement.

    Take your business to the next level with a 3CX business phone system

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