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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an alternative to traditional phone lines that allows calls to be made over an internet connection. But why use VoIP for your business?

There are numerous benefits to upgrading your landline to a VoIP system. This type of phone system provides a cost-effective and secure solution for your business and helps to improve communications across the board. And that’s not to mention how it can massively improve the call experience for your customers.

At Infinitel, we have decades of experience in delivering expert VoIP business phone solutions to businesses on a national and global scale.

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Why use VoIP for business?

The benefits of VoIP: Why use VoIP for your business?

VoIP calls are cheaper than traditional phone lines

A VoIP system can be much cheaper to use than traditional phone lines, making it the most cost-effective communications solution for businesses of all sizes.

Businesses that switch to a VoIP system from an older system such as ISDN can expect call costs to decrease by 50-70% for both domestic and international calls. And what’s more, the low monthly costs are set at a fixed price and are much easier to manage than the costs of traditional phone systems.

VoIP makes flexible working simple

Users can make and receive calls from anywhere using a VoIP phone system, which makes it the perfect option for businesses that offer employees the option to work remotely or for those that don’t have their own permanent office space.

VoIP phone systems ensure everyone within the business can stay connected and guarantee that customers can reach the person they need to talk to quickly and easily.

To connect to the VoIP system, all that users have to do is open the iOS or Android app on their mobile phone or tablet. Once online, their device will act as their business phone, using the business number and providing UC features such as instant messaging, presence, conferencing, and more.

VoIP improves the customer experience

With traditional phone systems, your customers can often end up speaking to the wrong person and may have to wait to speak to the person they need if that person is not currently in the office. This can make for a poor customer experience, especially if their query needs to be dealt with urgently.

VoIP business phone systems ensure your customers only need to call a single number to be connected to the person they need, no matter where they are. All of your employees can easily be reached even when they’re on the go, which can massively improve the customer experience.

VoIP can be scaled as your business grows

As your business grows, you need your business phone system to grow alongside it – and traditional ISDN and analogue phone lines simply don’t offer the scalability you need.

A VoIP phone system allows businesses to add new users and additional services at any time so that you can easily scale your communications systems in line with your business requirements.

Infinitel’s VoIP for business systems can be scaled to support thousands of locations, offering the same features from anywhere in the world.

VoIP is reliable and ensures calls are high-quality

Our VoIP business phone systems provide you with the highest quality and most reliable end-to-end calling experience.

All infrastructure is designed for 99.99% uptime, even in areas that don’t typically get a strong connection. We directly interconnect with most major networks and suppliers to ensure our customers have a high-quality call experience every time.

Our VoIP technology is designed to operate even in the event of hardware or interconnect outages, and 24/7 equipment monitoring ensures that any outages can be dealt with by our engineers before you even know an issue has occurred.

VoIP offers more features than traditional landline systems

VoIP phone systems for businesses have all the benefits of traditional phone systems and more.

Infinitel provide a whole host of business VoIP phone services that are either not available or are too expensive on landline systems – from mobile apps for iOS and Android to advanced contact features and CRM integration.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the specific features that our VoIP business phone systems can offer.

VoIP unifies communications across all platforms

The best VoIP phone systems support far more than just voice calling, allowing businesses to benefit from unified communications across all channels.

Users use other communication tools like instant messaging, video conferencing, and much more via their VoIP for business systems. And because VoIP is IP (internet protocol) based, it often allows for Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and CRM integration as well.

Infinitel’s VoIP for business solutions

Improve your communications and gain a competitive edge with Infinitel’s seamless VoIP business phone solutions.

From the moment we get your business VoIP service up and running, you will enjoy all the reliability, flexibility, and quality that comes from working with a leading communications provider.

We offer a number of expert VoIP solutions that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business, including

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