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We are pleased to announce a fantastic update to Clobba Range Manager. Clobba Range Manager has been available for a couple of years and following customer requests it has now been enhanced to support organisations using Microsoft Teams Calling Plans or Direct Routing.

Clobba Range Manager saves time and reduces risk by automating number management and provisioning. Add new ranges, allocate DDI numbers or extensions for new starters, provision and activate the Microsoft Teams Phone System license and identify unallocated DDI numbers. Clobba Range Manager is your single point of contact for all number-management tasks.

This will remove the requirement for the number provisioning to be performed in the Microsoft Teams admin portal or PowerShell, streamlining the process from available DDI number identification to activation of the DDI numbers.

New Release for Clobba Range Manager

Key Features

Manage DDI numbers with ease and efficiency:

  • A single view of data for all number ranges
  • Identify DDIs that have been used but are not allocated to a range
  • After importing DDIs, automatically group them into ranges

Provision DDI numbers:

  • Select relevant Teams Phone System licence to be activated for employees
  • Support for Teams Calling Plans and Direct Routing
  • Support for Operator Connect coming soon

Reduce DDI number costs:

  • Make informed decisions on volume of DDI numbers required in a range

Never run short of DDI numbers:

  • Email alerts when a range approaches capacity
  • Ensure DDIs are available for new starters

If you would like to try it for yourself, Clobba is available on a completely free-of-charge 14-day trial. Just get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.

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