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WIGAN, UK (May 30, 2022) – Infinitel is pleased to announce a new partnership with JEDWare, an Official 3CX third-party application which converts 3CX data to advanced reports and live wallboards.

Through the partnership, Infinitel customers and partners now have access to deeper insights into 3CX call data, including a full call flow for each call.

Dive into metrics with reports and charts for individual agents and queues, or search for a specific number. Keep track of agents’ live status and queues directly from the custom wallboard, all in real-time. Change prompts, block specific numbers, and activate the queue watcher to avoid missing out on important calls, even when agents are unavailable – All with just a few clicks in the web app.

Infinitel Partners with JEDWare

“With JEDWare, we are providing customers and partners with an advanced call reporting and live wallboard solution for 3CX,” said Andrew Platt, Managing Director at Infinitel. “This will provide end-user customers with everything they need to monitor performance and deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”

Key Features:

  • Reports & Charts: Make sense of your data. Generate statistics for the queues, IVRs, and extensions you want. Start your Monday morning with seeing last weeks call statistics. Find any call on the 3CX system and watch the full call flow.
  • Live wallboards: Follow everything live with customizable wallboards for your 3CX system. Choose between 7 layouts, each has it own benefits and purposes. Create as many as you would like!
  • Block number: It’s never been easier to block numbers from calling. Block a number for a couple of hours, and it will automatically unblock it when the time runs out.
  • Caller ID: JEDWare Caller ID makes it possible for you to change the outgoing Caller ID for one or multiple extensions, directly in the web app. You choose which users should have the permissions to change it.
  • Prompts: Record new prompts for queues and IVRs directly in the JEDWare web app. You can also change to an existing prompt, by choosing between your 3CX prompts from the list.
  • Queue Watcher: Set an agent as a backup, in case everyone else is busy. The extension you choose will automatically log in- and out from the selected queues. Nice and easy to control, and you can do it from anywhere you want.

If you would like to try it for yourself, JEDWare is available on a completely free-of-charge 14-day trial. If you want to learn more, then get in touch with Infinitel on 0333 996 0029, or email us at [email protected].

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