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Infinitel has strengthened its international reach for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. To support customer demand for international Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, we are pleased to announce further expansion into South East Asia and North America.

Businesses across the world are adopting Microsoft Teams as their collaboration platform; with the company recently revealing that Teams has grown from 10 million to over 75 million daily active users. At Infinitel, we are experiencing huge demand from businesses who are taking the next step by replacing their phone system and implementing Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams. Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams enables your employees to make and receive calls within Microsoft Teams.

Expansion of our network footprint to South East Asia and North America

Achieve compliance and the best quality local call experience

Many of our customers have a global presence, and they need to be able to use local in-country geographic numbers, showing a local presence and allowing their customers to benefit from a local call rate.

Adhering to local regulations is also important. For example, when calling the emergency services, the call needs to terminate at the local emergency services call centre and not in the country from which the parent organisation or head office is based.

And finally, call quality will suffer when a call is placed in a different geographic region. For example, if a call is routed out of the USA to a server back in London and then back to the USA; it will suffer from high latency which is a major concern in VoIP when it comes to call quality.

Andrew Platt, Managing Director of Infinitel said:

“By expanding our network footprint to South East Asia and North America, we will ensure high quality voice services for our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing customers with offices in South East Asia and North America. Because the infrastructure is provided in the public cloud it can be easily expanded to other geographic regions as such as Australasia, South America or Japan for example.

He added: “We also interconnect securely with major voice networks and cloud providers globally, including AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, with over 500 points of presence in more than 200 countries. Ensuring quality of service and minimal latency for our global customers.”


Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Infinitel is one of the few providers who can deliver fully certified, managed and hosted business phone services for Microsoft Teams. More and more businesses are coming to us in order to make the most out of Microsoft Teams and creating an even more powerful communications tool with Direct Routing. If your business is using Microsoft Teams, or if you are looking to replace your existing phone system, Direct Routing could be the ideal communications solution.

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