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The Cost of Not Having a Business Contract

The Cost of Not Having a Business Contract

The cost of not having a business mobile phone contract can be high and in the UK, this has been recognised by 57% percent of SOHO businesses, who have already chosen a business contract. However, what that also tells us is that almost half of small businesses are relying on a personal contract which puts their businesses at risk from a variety of scenarios that could see them disconnected from their valuable clients and team members.

Imagine a scenario where a plumber’s mobile phone has stopped working. Under this situation the plumber will not be able to receive incoming calls from potential customers, who have sprung a leak or suffered a blockage. Confounding the costs, the plumber may not only lose new or repeat business, but may have spent precious funds on costly ads in publications, directories or online. It may even be conceivable, for clients to imagine that the plumber has ceased trading and gone out of business. So in this scenario it is imperative that the phone is back working as soon as possible to minimise the impact.

It has become an increased necessity for Small SOHOs, like plumbers and electricians, to be available at all times, both over the phone and via email, social media & chat.

The reasoning for SOHOs not having a business contract, has traditionally been one of perceived cost. Consumer focused deals are often perceived as better value for money, on the face of it, and while the monthly line rental can be slightly cheaper, the overall bundle is often not as rich and could leave our fictional plumber in hot water.

The key benefits of a business contract

Fast faulty handset replacement

One of the key benefits of a business contract with us is the next day, like-for-like, warranty replacement. Continuity of service is essential and the business mobile phone contract recognises this. Other 3rd parties and network providers may vary in terms of response times, but what a business contract offers you across the board is a much faster replacement service which you can’t put a price on when you risk losing business.

Dedicated service

A fast resolution and response to issues is desired and professionals and small businesses cannot afford to spend untold hours chasing a resolution. At Infinitel, you will have direct access to our UK dedicated service team and account managers, who in turn have direct links to the networks.

Making accounting easy

A business mobile phone is also a legitimate business expense and as such it is tax deductible. Further costs can be saved through business share tariffs, which give free calls between users and keep costs down with shared allowances that ensure businesses do not pay for unnecessary individual allowances.

Cost effective, better value for money tariff solutions

Business mobile phone contracts are offered with a tariff structure review, clearer billing and mix and match network solutions to ensure that regionally located businesspersons have the best possible coverage.

For sole traders, it is sometimes fair for them to argue that they do not require a separate contract for business and personal use. But, when we consider the costs of not having a business contract and the benefits of having a business contract, then a single business contract may be preferred over a single personal contract.

Top 3 reasons businesses choose a new contract

Our most recent research has highlighted that for 71% of business users, the key reason to swap to a business contract was to gain better value for money. 67% of the businesses that we spoke to wanted to move to a business contract because of inadequate network coverage, while 54% wanted to swap because of poor customer service.
We noticed that subtle differences appear as business sizes increase. The larger the small business is, the more specific the business requirements are. This creates a stronger inclination towards business contracts and represents a shift from consumer type behaviours.

As new technologies continue to integrate themselves in everyday life, the cost of not having a business contract will continue to grow.

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