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Safran Aerosystems (fomerly Zodiac Aerospace) is a global leader in aerospace equipment, systems and repairs for aircraft covering regional, commercial and company sectors. Operating in 18 countries worldwide, they focus on onboard comfort, structures and safety, manifesting itself through cabin design and seat ergonomics, as well as functions that are indispensable to in-flight and on-ground safety, such as oxygen, evacuation and parachute provision. Continually providing their customers with dedicated support is also important, and highlights how an excellent communication provider is key.


Unfortunately, at their Essex office, they were experiencing awful signal issues, leading to frustrated customers and colleagues, as well as lost opportunities through potential new business relationships. We helped them by setting up a new contract with EE. We recently sat down with Gemma Thomson, the office’s HR Officer to discuss her interactions with Infinitel and how this has benefitted the business as a whole.

‘’We’re a subsidiary of Safran Aerospce. We do servicing and repair for aircraft safety equipment. Originally, another subsidiary was looking after our mobile phone contracts for us and it came up for renewal. We decided it would be easier to just look after our own moving forward. We had tried getting quotes from elsewhere without much luck so simply googled ‘mobile phone providers for business’ and Infinitel popped up. I sent them an email initially via the website and Andrew got back to me within a day. You can’t really ask for it to be any quicker than that really. The following phone calls, emails and service were all very clear over the course of it and they ensured they knew what it was we wanted. No problems there at all. They are a good partner to work with and I would recommend them to other companies. In fact, I’m sure we will use them again, should their offering be as good as it was this time’’

We were also interested in what made Infinitel stand out from its competitors…

‘’Really, what made us pick them was that they offered us quotes across the board with every network. In particular, we were looking at transferring over to EE. Our existing provider wasn’t able to offer us a quote with EE because they didn’t have contracts in place enabling them to do so, whereas Infinitel did. No-one else compared.’’

…as well as how we made the process easier…

‘’From the beginning, they were very clear and upfront about what they could offer us, understanding that we needed the quotes quickly because we were coming to a certain renewal period. They did that very quickly for us, and they were able to quote us up on what we were after and what we were looking for, plus a couple of other options as well’

…and the benefits we offer…

‘’Communication. You know, I’m a standard HR manager so I don’t have the time to be taking a million phone calls every single day. They communicated with me via email primarily which really suited me and then for anything I needed to clarify they were always around to respond to my emails or take a quick phone call if I needed to. I wasn’t pestered. I wasn’t bothered every 5 minutes with questions. They got the information they needed and they went away and used it and quoted us up on what it was we were looking for’’

Using EE has ensured their communication processes have greatly improved, to the relief of staff and clients alike.

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