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Whether you’re the owner of a large-scale business, or your company is experiencing significant growth, there are several pieces of equipment that you might need in order to maintain your position as a market leader. This includes a business mobile phone.

It could seem unnecessary, but having a business mobile phone is more important than you might think. This allows you to speak with clients, customers, and stakeholders wherever and whenever.

But it also means increased connectivity with your team – as they can stay in touch with you, even if they’re working from home.

If you’re on the fence about which business mobile phones you might need, we’ll discuss the top types your business could benefit from in our blog below. Read on to discover their benefits, features, and what types of business they’re best suited for to help you make the right decision.

What Are The Best Business Mobile Phones?

Why should you use a separate phone for business?

There are several reasons why using a separate phone for your business is a good idea. Not only is it a better way of upholding a work-life balance, but it also:

  • Increases professionalism: Having a business phone portrays a level of professionalism in front of your clients and staff. It shows you take your business seriously and can connect with them, even outside of work hours.
  • Provides a better understanding of business expenses: Having separate mobile phones for your personal life and business means you’ll have a better understanding of your company expenses. For example, you’ll be able to see how much you spend on data and coverage for your business. This is beneficial when it comes to tax and accounting purposes.
  • Improve data securityHaving a business mobile phone might also increase your data security. For example, your IT department could manage the password complexity of accounts and applications on your work phone, and implement multi-factor authentication. This ensures that only authorised personnel can access this sensitive information.

The Best Business Mobile Phones

We’ve highlighted our top three business mobile phones to help you choose the best one for you.

iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is the latest model from Apple, meaning it’s the best mobile phone in its portfolio yet. It has a durable design, so it’s more longer-lasting than other versions, as well as having an increased battery life.

Key features:

  • The phone has the latest version of iOS (16), meaning it can benefit from features such as focus modes, increased security updates, and innovative apps that allow you to multitask (in other words, you can use two apps at the same time)
  • The iPhone 14 has an A15 Bionic chip which means that the phone operates smoothly, even when using multiple applications or editing documents
  • This phone also benefits from a clearer and enhanced camera – making communication much easier

Best for businesses that:

  • Can afford to pay for a premium phone – such as a large business – as equipping multiple employees can amount to a significant cost
  • Don’t need to spend all day on the phone – whilst battery life is improved it’s not the best out of all models
  • Need to host presentations often as it has enhanced communication features – such as FaceTime and a clearer camera quality – making video conferencing much simpler

Google Pixel 8

The Google Pixel 8 is a popular choice amongst many business owners. It offers a variety of features, robust security, and even AI capabilities.

Key features:

  • Has a long battery life – perfect for workers who spend all day on the phone, without having to constantly reach for a charger
  • AI capabilities – such as call screening to identify spam calls, and Live Translate for real-time conversations

Best for businesses that:

  • Have employees that spend all day on the phone and require a long-lasting battery
  • Have international clients where a language barrier can make communication difficult

JCB Toughphone

Whilst not as recognised as other phones in the list, the JCB toughphone is a strong, durable phone from an established business within the building industry.

Key features:

  • It has a large HD display with Gorilla Glass protection – making readability in various lighting conditions much more comprehensible; it also means it’s more durable if dropped in harsh environments
  • It has a Push-to-Talk feature which means teammates can call each other without dialling – perfect for those working in fast-paced environments where time is precious

Best for businesses that:

  • Work in harsh environments and demanding work conditions – such as construction and engineering; where equipment durability is essential
  • Work in transport and delivery – as it has a large display and long battery life, making it perfect for clear navigation and long working hours

Which is the best mobile network for businesses in the UK?

The best mobile network for your business depends on your unique set of needs. For example, if your employees frequently travel, you’ll need a network with good coverage. Moreover, you might need a pay monthly option to maintain affordability.

Or, if you need to regularly download large files, or use applications such as video conferencing, you may need to prioritise a network with faster business internet speeds.

At Infinitel, we have long-standing relationships with the UK’s major business mobile network providers; such as O2, EE and Vodafone. But, as an independent business from networks and manufacturers, your needs are still our priority.

This means we’re always in a position to give you unbiased advice on the best deals, so you can choose the right network for your company.

Choose Infinitel for support with business mobile phones

We know that choosing the best mobile phone for your business takes time. That’s why we’re here to support you with the task. Your company has a variety of needs, goals, and objectives – so no solution we provide can be the same. It has to be tailored to you.

That’s why our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you to understand your business model and what mobile phone features will benefit you. Ultimately, we cultivate a bespoke outcome that is committed to your connectivity, security, and budgetary requirements. Whether you’re a start-up or one of the biggest organisations in the world, we’re here to help your business.

Our independence from all networks and manufacturers allows us to remain objective and craft the right approach for each business we serve – and we could do the same for your company.

For more information on the best business mobile phones, reach out to Infinitel today, we’re here to help you secure the best one for your organisation. No matter your industry, stage of development, and longer-term ambitions – we can support your business.

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