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Building a business mobile package

Building a business mobile package

As a business user, your mobile phone is an essential business tool, allowing you to keep in contact with colleagues, respond to emails and speak to clients. But choosing the right phone isn’t enough: you need the right tariff and network. Let’s take a look at everything you need to consider when building a business mobile package.


Most tariffs now come with unlimited minutes – no need to worry here. However; if you do decide to go for a shared minutes bundle, make sure the minutes will cover your usage. It is also worth checking for bolt-ons for non-geographic numbers – if you dial these a lot, they can cause significant out of bundle charges if you don’t have a bolt-on.


Mobile data has become essential in day-to-day life and running out can cause big problems. Review your current usage before deciding: how much do you use monthly? Do you have to keep an eye on it? Have you ever run out? If you run or work for a business that has busier periods due to seasonality, look at that time period (did you use more then?) and ensure your data allowance covers you. If you only need a higher allowance at certain times of the year, don’t commit to a full 24 months on a big data plan! Just top up with a 30 day add-on when you need it.


Most major networks have great coverage, however it is always worth checking that coverage for a particular network is good where you will be using your phone mostly i.e. check your work address and your home address. You don’t need to worry about it too much though, as you’ll find coverage will be great in most cases – Check your coverage now.  At Infinitel we work with all of the major networks: EEO2, and Vodafone.

4G speeds are now very fast. If you need fast data speeds check that 4G is available where you will be using your phone most. 4G coverage can also vary drastically indoors and outdoors – check both types of coverage before making your network selection.


Choosing the right device is important. Do you prefer Android or iOS? Does your company IT infrastructure require a certain device?

Other important considerations when choosing a device should be:

  • Battery life
  • Storage
  • Operating system and available apps
  • Processor
  • Price

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How much can you afford to spend per month? Let us know your budget, and we’ll find you the perfect phone to match.


Are you arranging the contract for multiple users? We’re experts at finding deals for businesses of all sizes. Contact our team for more information. Call us on 0333 996 0029 and we can help you create a package to suit all your users.


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